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We are Balanced Wellbeing.

At Balanced Wellbeing, we use several Entheogenic plants & substances during the traditional & authentic Shamanic Ceremonies under the guidance of a certified Shaman.
This means that we perticularly make sure that your space is clean, safe and protected, in order for you to have a good and benificial experience.
One of the responsibilities of the Shaman is to hold the space, this means that the Shaman will journey with you and support you and protect you, without any judgements about your experience.
According to the Ancient Shamanic Tradition, we do healings with traditional plants like Ayahuasca and with the Amazonian Frog Medicine; Kambo.

Kambo Detox Shamanic way
What is Kambo?

There are a lot of alternative medicines and ways of healing. One of these alternative medicines is called Kambo by the indigenous people of Peru and Brazil; the Kaxinawa tribe. Kambo is the waxy slime on the skin of a frog that lives in the Northwestern part of the Amazon rainforest, namely Colombia and on the border between Brazil and Peru and is used by indigenous tribes there to gain strength, immunity and hunting magic. the scientific name for this frog is Phyllomedusa bicolor or “Giant Monkey Frog”. This Waxy slime is so poisonous which is why the Giant monkey frog is not eaten by any predators! This is why Kambo is known as one of the strongest natural antibiotics and anesthetics found in the world and one of the strongest, natural ways to empower our immune system. It detoxes the mind, body and soul.
Kambo Frog KamboDetox
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Kambo Detox pollution


The aim of detoxing is to remove toxins that have accumulated in the body from pollution and substance abuse. Detoxification is defined as the treatment for removing the physiological effects of these harmful substances.
We are constantly polluted through what we eat, the chemicals we use to clean our body and our house and even through the air we breathe. And even If we live a strict clean and healthy life, if we have not cleaned ourselves from the inside then we are not clean. This is why we suggest getting Kambo at least 3 times in a period of 28 days (one moon cycle) at least once a year.
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